Ebony Star Wilson
As a wife and mother of a 15-year-old girl an 9-year-old boy, and business owner of Ebony Star Stylez since 2015. Ebony Star also knows how hard it is to make time for yourself.  With her license in Cosmetology since 2012, she strives in making women feel beautiful and sexy every day. 

Traveling to women in NYC, Ebony Star offers affordable beauty treatments in the convenience of your own home, office or hotel. Treatments set to revive the everyday woman. Looking good ensures a woman of feeling good.   

She started this business with the vision of giving women the opportunity to feel good on their time. With over 10 years experience, she has worked at some of the city's busiest, and popular Salon/Spas like European Wax Center and Drybar. She loves to see a woman's whole demeanor change with a simple blowout or wax treatment. Just having a professional experience with a person full of life can uplift another woman. That's what she's all about, customer service, inspiring and beautifying women everywhere and anywhere. So don't worry.... new baby and don't want to leave home, no sitter for the kids, early or late work hours and can't make it to a salon, need a spa day to yourself, or a hot date...... she's there with her on demand treatments.

Let's plan a Wax party and get your friends together for a Girls night/Spa style. For any occasion or reason to get gorgeous Ebony Star is here. She is sure to leave you feeling like you can take over the world with any treatment you desire. When in Ebony Star's hands she's on your time and it is all about you. So book your appointment today. Leave all the hustle and bustle of traveling, lines at spas and enjoy the calm tranquility of the spa right at home. 
  1. Soon to be moms
    Soon to be moms
    Get taken care of you when you need it the most!
  2. Brides
    Be ready for your special day and night!
  3. Working from home
    Working from home
    Take a day off, at home.
  4. Students
    It's hard being a student in the city. Sign up for the STUDENT WAX DISCOUNTS!
  5. Moms
    Its a 24/7 job, let someone take care of you!
  6. Do you have, early or late work hours?
    Do you have, early or late work hours?
    Schedule an appointment before or after work